Birds of Prey

TV show

One season with 13 episodes in 2002/2003 (+ an unaired pilot)

Favorite episode: 8


Storyline (IMDB-user):

In the future, long after Batman has driven himself into exile, his legacy lives on in the form of the Birds of Prey–Black Canary, Oracle, and the Huntress.



The show itself could be much better, I could write endlessly about that… but it has this one amazing, great, legendary episode that was a MILESTONE for me!

In episode 8 Lada Shiva returns to Gotham to get revenge on Batgirl. Barbara who is in a wheelchair for years already uses a technical device to walk again. As Batgirl she faces Lady Shiva!

Maskrippers opinion:


“Mask action”

(self-unmasking, unmasking without resistance, secret identity discovered)

Highlight:  Shiva unmasks Batgirl! Good unmasking, a shame she doesn’t (can’t) fight back. The mask goes off far too easily. Great that she recognizes Barbara as soon the mask is off 🙂


All in all solid, but far from really good. The fight scenes and action are solid. But we have two hot, masked women in stunning costumes fighting each other in episode 8 “Lady Shiva”!

The fight isn’t so good but to see two women in these smashing costumes… something extremely rare!


Batgirl(‘s mask): a sexy shape with black rubber! Looks fantastic! But it can be pulled off very easily (neck not covered, no chin strap)

Lady Shiva(‘s mask): black rubber too, the shape is solid, and covers a lot of the face (good). Mask secured as it covers the neck too)

The rest of the costume

Batgirl: well, how else can I say it? FUCKING FANTASTIC!

Black rubber and leather, sexy boots. Great shape! All in all, it looks awesome, never seen anything better…

Lady Shiva: Fits good, the surface structure of her suit looks not so sexy, boots solid


Dinah Meyer (Batgirl / Barbara): Solid actress, good facial expressions, looks really good!

Sung Hi Lee (Lady Shiva / Sandy Woosan): Does a solid job… looks pretty


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