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Created: March, 22

Last updated: Arpil, 12

Birds of Prey (TV series)


The show itself could be much better, I could write endless about that… but it has this one amazing, great, legendary episode that was a MILESTONE for me!

Maskrippers rating:

Mask action

(self unmasking, unmasking without resistance, secret identity discovered)

Highlight:  Shiva unmasks Batgirl! Good unmasking, a shame she doesn’t (can’t) fight back, mask goes off far to easy. Great that she recognises Barbara as soon the mask is off 🙂

19 (max 30)


All in all solid, but far from really good. Fights scenes and action is solid. But we have two hot, masked women fight each other! (ep_08-BONUS)

18 (max 25)


Batgirl(‘s mask): sexy shape with black rubber! Looks fantastic! But it can be pulled off very easy (neck not covered, no chin strap)

Lady Shiva(‘s mask): black rubber too, the shape is solid, covers a lot of the face (good). Mask secured as it covers the neck too)

12 (max 15)

Rest of the costume

Batgirl: well, how else can I say it? FUCKING FANTASTIC!

Black rubber and leather, sexy boots. Great shape! All in all it looks awesome, never seen anything better…

Lady Shiva: Fits good, the surface structure of her suit looks not so sexy, boots solid

20 (max 15 – BONUS)


Dinah Meyer (Batgirl / Barbara): Solid actress, good facial expressions, looks really good!

Sung Hi Lee (Lady Shiva / Sandy Woosan): Does a solid job… looks pretty

11 (max 15)

<<< Overall: 80 (max 100) >>>


Batgirl VS Lady Shiva – Round One – + Bonus Clip

Batgirl unmasked by Lady Shiva!

Lady Shiva VS the Birds of Prey!

(more to come)


Rating info:

The “overall” rating is the addition of my 5 categories:

“Mask action” – up to 30 points (unmasking scenes, unmasking attempts, mask related peril etc.)

Story – up to 25 points (incl. action, fights, story, thrill?)

Mask – up to 15 points (material, shape, “resistance factor”)

Rest of the costume – up to 15 points (material and shape from neck to feet)

Actress(es) – up to 15 points (talent, look)

100 points can be reached! Bonus points (max 5) for greatness will be given if appropriate!


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