Imagine a spider-woman…

…with that many unmaskings in just 3 movies!

I recently saw the spider-man movies with Tobey Maguire again. And I noticed how often he takes off his mask or is unmasked by enemies. I guess the producer wanted to show his face often, even in the spider-man costume. And some unmaskings are so strange:

The scene where he lands in the car. He pulls off his own mask and is driving around… WTF? I mean, there are so many other cars and pedestrians and so on…not so clever.

And I’m not sure if I got all unmaskings in this clip:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the movie:

It’s really time we have a woman in such a costume!!! I hope marvel will bring Spider-woman/Spider-girl or Spider-Gwen to the big screen in the next years.

What do you think about that?

P.S.: As you can see some posts down, I am still re-uploading the videos to the new Maskripper Youtube-channel.

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2 thoughts on “Imagine a spider-woman…”

  1. No worries…I predict a Spider-Woman or Spider-Girl movie in less than 15 years. When all the other Marvel movies get made…The Spider-Woman or Spider-Girl movies will get made before other obscure or lesser known Male Hero movies get made.

    • I really hope for less than 5 years 😉
      Perhaps in the next Spider-man movie there may be a role for one of the spider-ladys (to introduce her).
      Or a whole movie where a spider-lady is the lead. That would be sooo great!


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