Catwoman Cosplay # 8 – 3 Catwomen, which one is your favorite?

For todays post I got 3 Catwoman-Cosplays. Three different costumes and three different cosplayers. Choose your favorite on the poll below 😉

And above you see only 3 of the 11 pictures I have!

And one of them actually unmasks herself for the camera…. 😉


0 thoughts on “Catwoman Cosplay # 8 – 3 Catwomen, which one is your favorite?”

  1. Oh, #1 definitely. Besides the unmasking (which is a HUGE plus), I like the costume better, especially since it covers the head and neck well.

  2. Jim Balent’s purple Catwoman is always my #1. And I love every incarnation of her that comes along. Hmm..TDKR Catwoman is the one for me in this case!

  3. It was a very very close…In fact a tie between 1 and 3. I picked 3 because it was more of a challenging costume to make…But, I like 1 in the fact that she chose to unmask and even looks like Selina in the Animated Series as well.

  4. This is quite an interesting way to track how many different viewers visit your site. 28 different people so far. You’ve got a following Maskripper!!!

  5. Gotta go with 3. Returns Catwoman had a very nice design but the others are nice too. The unmasked Catwoman kinda looks like Jennifer Lawrence to me.


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