Black Scorpion TV show – The best scenes from the best episodes – [Episode 17]

Ok, it is time for one last post about the legendary Black Scorpion TV show!

The show is in my Hall of Fame and if you are into masked women, this TV show is an absolute MUST have!

My 3 favorite episodes are already covered here by now.

This is is a little cheat, as the episode is actually not one of my favorites.

But… has a really good scene in it….so… I think it deserves a post.

Some pictures:

(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Watch the video before you continue!

Never been a big fan of the Gangster Prankster, who is basically a cheap Joker.

He is neither funny or really threatening and his henchmen are just annoying.

But his giggling sidekick has a great idea here! So often Black Scorpion gets knocked out and the villains are just walking away from her.

Only very few were interested in unmasking her so, I love how his sidekick says “Take off her mask….”!

That’s a great idea! Many more villains should have that 😉

I love the thrill as his hand is reaching for her mask, even it is only a very quick scene, I love such attempted unmaskings!

Luckily for her Argyle interrupts him before he reaches her mask, even it was just holding him back for some seconds.

But before Prankster could reach for her mask again good old Steve appears!

Black Scorpion awakes just in time to kick his ass for the 244th time.

Oh Steve, you will never learn….or maybe you just like to get your ass kicked by her… 😉




What I would give for a Blu-ray release of this show or an HD TV airing!

What do you think about this episode and these scenes?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!

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