Black Scorpion TV show – The best scenes from the best episodes – [Episode 11]

Ok, it is time to have another post about the legendary Black Scorpion TV show!

The show is in my Hall of Fame and if you are into masked women, this TV show is an absolute MUST have!

My 3 favorite episodes are already covered here by now.

This is is a little cheat, as the episode is actually not one of my favorites but one of my least favorite.

But… has a really good scene in it….so… I think it deserves a post.

Some pictures:


(click to enlarge)

And here is the video:

Yes, this is the first new video on my Maskripper Youtube channel since September as I had some troubles with Youtube.

I won’t go into details, but it’s ok now and I will switch many unlisted videos back to public videos this month.

So, what do I like about these scenes? Well, I really like that Black Scorpion puts on that weird costume so she wouldn’t attract attention on that fair and would blend in somehow.

It’s great that she gets unmasked….if you will….even it’s only the pig’s head that gets yanked away.

But now everyone can see that Black Scorpion is there. And Steve takes the opportunity and tries to unmask Black Scorpion!

And this time they are even in public! So, some witnesses would have seen the face of Darcy Walker under that mask!

But lucky for her Argyle is there to save the day by stopping the unmasking.

Even it’s unclear if he really would have unmasked her as he was in the same situation (but not in public) in episode 3 where he had his hands on her mask but finally didn’t unmask her.

Maybe he would have this time….but well, we will never know 😉


What I would give for a Blu-ray release of this show or an HD TV airing!

What do you think about this episode and these scenes?

Feel welcome to leave a comment!

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