Batwoman, season 2, episode 9 “Rule #1” [Review]

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3 thoughts on “Batwoman, season 2, episode 9 “Rule #1” [Review]”

  1. – I might be misremembering, but doesn’t Julia have some ties to Safiyah? I suppose that’s how Enigma has access to her.

    – Does Black Mask know Kate was Batwoman? Is that why he targeted her?

    – He didn’t go for Ryan’s mask…

    – After getting ambushed (again), Ryan really needs to get some proper training. Maybe Julia can help her out?

    – Don’t wanna see Sophie and Ryan end up together, feels too repetitive of Sophie and Kate. And since Kate is coming back…

    – Is Mary still doing her underground medical work?

    – Really, *really*, *REALLY* hope this is the end of “tension between the team” drama.

    – Alice is gonna block Kate from her mind. Then Kate is gonna come back. And OH BOY! I still think Alice is gonna wind up a good guy by the end of all this, but man, is she gonna have a wild ride or what?

    – At first I was annoyed that there’s another break but then I realized Season 1 took like a 2 month break early on, so I guess it’s not that bad lol.

    • – Julia has a lot of ties that we don’t know of…I think. She is very mysterious and we know quite little about her past. I am not even 100% sure that she is fully on the “good” side.
      – Hard to say if Black Mask knew she was Batwoman, that certainly would be an explanation. But that would bring up the question of how he found out. I hope that will be clearified.
      – Yeah, sadly, as most villains in most shows….he wasn’t really curious about her secret identity. If I would have made the scene he would be yanking at her cowl as Sophie shows up and saves Batwoman from the unmasking 😉
      – “Ambushed” is the wrong word for that…but yeah, get what you mean. She needs to improve on that. And as I mentioned in my review….she could need some more gadgets to handle so many goons that surround her.
      – No, I think that the underground clinic is closed by now with the threats from Jacob. But sooner or later she will restart her work there, I am sure. That’s her (day)job, as she cares so much to help others.
      – Yeah, I think the team worked out how they should work together by now. Plus they think Kate is dead and that Ryan is now “fully” Batwoman.
      – Alice will need to find a new focus, especially as long they all think that Kate is dead. I think she will be back in Gotham soon with a new plan…whatever that is.
      – Last season there was a mid-season break of 6 weeks during the Crossover. So, yeah, these “one Sunday without an episode” breaks are really quite harmless 😉

      • Oh yeah, no, I know the clinic location is no-go, though it was mentioned as a place for Sophie to hide her sister, I think. I just mean, is Mary trying another place or something.


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