Batwoman in the Arrowverse – #3

A quick update on the biggest TV event of the year!

Only 24 days until the first episode of the big Crossover event which will introduce Batwoman!

EDIT: A fresh picture from today:

And if you wanna read the article from


On the last days we got the first two little teaser-trailers. Very short and without…. Batwoman.

But this is only the start! Soon we will see her in a real trailer…you can count on that! 🙂

Here are these two teaser trailers:

(A repost of) the most important/interesting pictures so far:

Stay tuned for more promo material!

5 thoughts on “Batwoman in the Arrowverse – #3”

  1. I’m very much looking forward to this. Maybe they will even make a Batman or Batgirl show one day as well. Thanks for posting, Sig.

    • Yeah, A Batgirl TV show would be the….holy grail!
      They do make two movies with Batgirl, but it looks like it will be the Cassandra Cain version…let’s see how that turns out.


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