The “Nightwatchman” in action! – Scene 7 [Final]

It’s time for one last scene of the Nightwatchman in action! So far, she did a really good job in helping the oppressed people of Nottingham. She also managed to escape the bad guys, especially the evil Guy of Gisborne who wants to stop the Nightwatchman and unmask him (as he still thinks it’s a … Read more

The “Nightwatchman” in action! – Scene 6

[Post 2 of 2 for today] As promised another scene with the Nightwatchman today! Robin is imprisoned and gets tortured by the bad guys, time for the Nightwatchman to save him! Especially as the woman inside that costume is in love with Robin 😉 But Guy of Gisborne is determined to catch the masked vigilante … Read more

The “Nightwatchman” in action! – Scene 5

Time for another scene with the Nightwatchman in action! I intended to post 2 scenes today…but the 2nd one was problematic. The audio switched to german every time, even I selected to use the English one. Even there isn’t much dialogue in this scene, I want the damn program to work and that you all … Read more

The “Nightwatchman” in action! – Scenes 3 + 4

The Nightwatchman returns for two more scenes! (or NightwatchWOman as she should be called)   Check out my first post about her if you haven’t already: The “Nightwatchman” in action! – Scenes 1 + 2 – Preview, Scene 1: (click to enlarge) – And here is the Video: Link …not welcome on Youtube…. – Watch … Read more

The “Nightwatchman” in action! – Scenes 1 + 2

So, what’s interesting about this “Nightwatchman” character in this TV show? And how it is relevant to this blog? Well, what only some folks in the show will find out is…that this masked vigilante is actually a WOman. So the correct title would be NightwatchWOman 😉 I keep referring to her as the “Nightwatchman” because … Read more

Masked highwayWOman in action! #1

Learned a new word today 😉 In this post we have a highwayman in action, well, and as it is a post on this blog….a highwayWOman is actually more precise. Check it out: (click to enlarge) – Here is the video: – Well, I don’t know how they get fooled into thinking it is a … Read more