Mysterious masked woman and a man – sexy Maskplay

OK, the stats regarding views and visits of the site are still improving every week, yet there are only 2 people besides me that post comments on a regular basis. And I wonder why? I wanna encourage you to post your opinion about a post. And if you have questions about anything mask related…mail me: About the site + contact

For posting a comment you only need a minute or two… and it’s very interesting to read this kind of feedback! You don’t need to fill the website field, and you can even post a fantasy mailadress if you want…

Now, time to lauch a little mystery project. I have some pictures and a youtube clip. This clip shows a man, chained to a rope. Some masked women are watching him….but why? Why is he chained, why are they masked?

Here is the video:


*EDIT* Moved to share-online, not safe for youtube

some pics:

Of course I know the title of the movie, *EDIT* and here you can find it:

8 thoughts on “Mysterious masked woman and a man – sexy Maskplay”

  1. That’s so weird how not that many people wanna leave a comment…humm…that’s like not that many people want to take part in my Nostalgic Source Forum…and they just want to watch “Adversaries”…isn’t it just frustrating? People have similar interests and yet they don’t want to “talk” or “write” about it? Even if it’s masked in a screen name? I understand your frustration, Maskripper.

  2. Sorry I haven’t commented till now. I do look at your site every day tho, Siggi. It’s awesome.

    Just FYI, my old site was up from 2006 on and eventually built up traffic of approx. 500 – 700 unique visitors and 1500 – 2000 page views per day. But in all that time, if I remember it right, I only got about 300 comments total! Total for 7 years! It always astonished me too. My impression always was that the majority of those were ‘Anonymous’, and the 2nd biggest identifiable group, at least toward the end, was guys from Nostalgic Source. I have theories but don’t really know why it was that way. Hope you have better success in getting your viewers to open up!

    • Thanks for these little “inside” informations! Hey I hope that I can motivate the people to be some kind of active on the side. Because when there is no feedback…what reason would I have to do all this? Without feedback the whole Blog would be some kind of conversation with myself, and that’s not sooo much fun 😉 . And when the day comes and the miracle happens that somebody donates some dollars by his/her own choice…. I guess I’ll have to dance around the PC for one hour. By the way: How do you “promote” your website? I posted on a movie-website (member), a fetish-forum (member), the superheroine forum and youtube. The Facebook page is a try, but I guess not a good one.

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