Masked heroines unmasked! – [Fan art by MikePizzolato]

Time for more great art! You should know some of his work, this guy drew same classics under the name “T.M. Shelley”. He isn’t using that name anymore and has a DA channel, that you should check out!

Here are my favorites:

(click on the image to enlarge it to full size)

But you should check out his other work as well, here is his DeviantArt site:


Especially I love the way he shows the moment of the unmasking. And that the masks are stretched, ripped and torn. Really sexy!

He captures the perfect moment of the unmasking. 🙂

And the expressions on the faces of the heroines…really well done!


5 thoughts on “Masked heroines unmasked! – [Fan art by MikePizzolato]”

  1. Nostalgic Source, that is incredibly high praise for which I thank you so much. I consider Mr. Paul one of my favorite artists and a tremendous influence on all of the risque and unmasking genre. Again, thanks much. -Mike

  2. Siggi,
    I appreciate your publishing my art here on my favorite unmasking site and also for the link to my DA site as well as the positive commentary from you to the fans here that is so encouraging. -Mike

    • You are welcome! Fine art like yours deserves praise… 🙂
      And you know how to capture the best second of every unmasking. Looking forward to more!


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